Despite attempts to ban asbestos products in the 1980’s, it remains in widespread use. Dr. Riegel explains it’s one of the most dangerous factors contributing to chronic illness and even death across the United States. Found in the structures of an alarming amount of homes, workplaces, and industrial centers, asbestos fibers are one of the leading causes of lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The Associated Press published this interview of Dr. Riegel and reviews the precautions taken by Healthy Homes to SAFELY remove asbestos. If asbestos is removed without certain precautions, your family could be at risk.

The Trump Administration has started to loosen the regulation of asbestos-containing materials. This means more and more companies are going to get away with improperly removed asbestos, improperly trained abatement workers, and improper procedures. This poses an EXTREME risk to you and your family. Your house likely contains asbestos. Don’t settle for less than perfect removal procedures. Contact Healthy Homes today and find out.

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