Healthy Homes and Asbestos Removal Technologies are owned and operated by Dr. George F. Riegel, Jr., who has a medical degree and over 30 years of experience in the environmental field. Dr. Riegel is active in his environmental education, continually updating through annual accreditation classes. He participates in many causes for asbestos related disease including research at the Karmanos Cancer Institute. Click here to read a list of Dr. Riegel’s professional and educational credentials.

Dr. Riegel has special education, training, and experience in the following fields.

  • Mold testing, evaluation and remediation
  • Asbestos testing, evaluation, encapsulation, and removal, including vermiculite insulation
  • Floor tile removal
  • Radon testing and removal
  • Lead testing and removal
  • Formaldehyde testing and removal
  • Indoor air condition and quality control
  • Pet odor removal
  • Critter dropping removal such as bats, raccoons, and mice
  • Non toxic removal of insects such as bees, carpenter ants, and other pests
  • Coordination and overseeing a team of builders
  • “Green” cleaning of tiles, countertops, showers, bathtubs to prevent mold and mildew
  • Nationwide consultation of environmental issues and products
  • Treatment recommendations to reverse negative health affects due to environmental hazards
  • Expert witness testimonial
  • Asbestos and lung cancer research

Our president is involved with personal consultation for clients while at the same time running the business. He oversees many new home projects through environmental evaluation of all building projects to ensure the health and safety of your family. Dr. Riegel is personally involved in all the activities of the company. Inspections, evaluation, and recommendations of your environmental concerts are given prompt attention, generally within 24-48 hours. Contact us now!